Recent Before & After Photos

When Water Gets In The Walls

This is an example of why it is prudent to get your gutters cleaned regularly.  Because there was too much debris in the gutter system, rainwater overflowe... READ MORE

Wind Causes Water Damage

A recent storm with high speed winds turned one customer’s living room into a disaster.  When the person was not home, a gust of wind shattered a win... READ MORE

Black Mold In The Attic

This customer found black mold in their attic after not using it for months.  They went to store some belongings, and found this horrendous amount of mold ... READ MORE

Mold Under Floorboards

A customer called us complain of a musty smell in her living room and dining room.  SERVPRO of Norwalk Wilton went to the house, and upon further investiga... READ MORE

Hallway Damage

The hallway in this home was damaged after the bathtub overflowed and leaked.  SERVPRO set fans to dry the water and then reinstalled the floors.Whether yo... READ MORE

Bathroom Backup

This hotel's bathroom was flooded after one of the toilets backed up.  You can see how damaged the bathroom was.  SERVPRO cleaned the water and restor... READ MORE

Water In Ceiling

The west wing of this customers house was damaged by water after a small pipe in the ceiling burst in the middle of the night.  SERVPRO cleaned the water u... READ MORE

Water Damage At High School

This local high school had a burst pipe that spewed water for hours before anyone noticed.  You can see how much water is on the floor.There's never a conv... READ MORE

Water Seeping Into Business

This customer called complaining about water seeping in from the walls at their business.  We set fans to dry out the excess water and had them back to bus... READ MORE

Flooding in Office Building

A storm caused this building to have minor flooding on a couple floors.  You can see our fans at work.  You can also see the water damage is no longer... READ MORE